Am I back in Wonderland?

A few days ago I got an email from a famous Wedding Magazine in Wonderland. They were interested in writing an article about our unusual wedding and they wanted to know if I agree. Of course I agree we had an unusual wedding, but they asked specifically if I’d agree to have them publish an article on it. Well, of course I’d be happy to! I mean, why wouldn’t I?!
Ask any bride if she agrees to have an article about her wedding and she’ll gladly say: “I do”.
So the lady on the other side of the computer screen sent me an email with all the information she needed, together with the form I need to sign, but the first thing she mentioned was that I would have to remove all the wedding photos from Facebook until the magazine publishes the article, which hopefully will be late December.

I didn’t even bother to read all the other stuff she mentioned.  I immediately replied something like this:
“We already have a problem here, Houston. There is no way I’m taking down my wedding photos. I’m proud of them, I want everyone to see them, and I don’t want to hide them away. Think of all the people who enjoy these photos, our family members who are tagged in them, some of them liked the photos so much; they used them as their profile photos. Do you want me to ask them to take them down???”
Ask a bride to take her wedding photos down (!) for almost 6 months (!!!)And she’ll say to you: “I’m afraid you’re entirely bonkers.”

We had a few back and forth emails. Eventually she only asked to remove the photographer’s photos, saying they are “publicity” and that I don’t have to remove my photos. But the photographer’s photos are the only photos that exist on Facebook! I don’t have photos of my own- I didn’t publish any photos because I didn’t take any photos that day. I was too busy getting married. Only the people who took photos that day published photos on Facebook. It happens to be that the photographer was the one who took the photos so that’s why he is the one who published them.

Anyway, sorry, but this request is ridiculous. I got so angry about it that I got the urge to write and couldn’t fall asleep. So I am happy she gave me something to write about.
And now,  just because I can, let’s enjoy some more of the photos. Here are the cool and fun ones:


My Man of Steel

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