Stack ’em Up!

“Have you guessed the riddle yet?” the Hatter said, turning to Alice again.
“No, I give it up,” Alice replied: “What’s the answer?”
“I haven’t the slightest idea,” said the Hatter”

I’m not surprised that Alice gave up and that The Hatter didn’t have the slightest idea. I feel the same way. I think the most challenging project in the wedding preparations is this one. I want the whole wedding feast to look like a tea party. I want every table to look like the Hatter’s table, with a tea cup tower as a centrepiece, but a really MAD one.

I fell in love with this design from

cups_design2 cups_design

But it won’t be as easy as it looks (I don’t really think it looks easy…). In order to make something as mad as this, I will have to drill a hole in each piece of crockery, assuming I will break a few in the process, or even more than a few. So I thought of a solution – I can glue them together with super-magical glue and create the tower that way, or do something similar to this:

Or this:

Now, as I mentioned before, I live in Australia, 14,000 km from my homeland, my private Wonderland, where the wedding will take place. So here’s my problem- if I take a few pieces of crockery with me in my suitcase or send them by post, in both cases there is a risk they might break and it might be expensive as well. So I had an idea, or maybe a friend had it, I don’t remember, to find tea cups made out of plastic. It’s a wonderful idea! It won’t break and it’s much lighter, so I could just send heaps of them by post. The only problem is that I can’t find any! Look at these Melamine cups, for example:


They almost look like the real thing. But you have to buy a minimum of a thousand pieces. I don’t need that many, I think that 100 pieces or just a little bit more will be enough for me.

So today I went to Fortitude Valley, here in Brisbane, to see if I can find plastic/melamine tea cups. I went to 4 different stores and couldn’t find any. A bit disappointed, I decided that I when I get to my homeland, I will just have to spend some time and go to flea markets and second hand shops over there to look for crockery. I just hope I will find enough pieces before the wedding.

Tea Time!

Just before I was about to “call it a day”, I decided to take a detour and see, maybe there’s another store hiding. (I was actually looking for shoes as well, and thought there might be another shoe shop I don’t know about.) And there I saw the OP shop, which I totally forgot about. And there I found them- 5 beautiful cups and 3 saucers, waiting for me to take them home. They weren’t made of melamine, but with a price of ¢50 a piece, I just couldn’t leave them there.

Aren't they just wonderful?

I also found this cute mini tree for $5. But I'm still not sure if I want it as a centrepiece as well

I also found this cute mini tree for $5. But I’m still not sure if I want to buy more and use them as decoration as well.

I built up my own tea cup tower in the shop, before anyone else will grab them. I took them like this to the register, trying not to drop my lovely tower and I was happily ever after. “I just need to figure out how to take them to Wonderland.” I thought to myself. “But that doesn’t matter now. First I’ll get them, then I’ll think…”