I’m still waiting for the rest of the photos to arrive from our super talented photographer. I want to tell you all about the ceremony we had and more. But in the meantime:

We moved to Sydney! Yay! I’m still very excited. Whenever I think about it, I still sometimes can’t believe it. I’ve wanted to move to Sydney for more than a year now, waiting patiently and persistently for my husband’s work to finally transfer him here from Brisbane and it finally happened!

So at the moment we’re looking for a place to “put all our stuff in“. We fell in love with Surry Hills, so we really hope we can find a decent flat somewhere over there.

I’m in the process of writing a very sweet children’s book so I’ve recently sent my manuscript to an editor. Unfortunately I love writing so much that I have around 800 words in my book. Usually it’s recommended to write around 500 words for a children’s book. (As I’ve heard)

I was hoping the editor will help me cut bits and pieces to shorten it a little, as it’s very hard for me to do so. I love every part of my book.  So I was hoping a total stranger could help me out here. But she said it could be a picture book for adolescents, or late primary. (She did mention she enjoyed the book and that I have a great way with words! Yay!)
But I can’t imagine a 12 year old buying a picture book, or at least my picture book. I feel it should be a children’s book and that’s what I want to focus on. So I feel like I’m back to square one- I have a long manuscript and don’t know how to cut it down…

So I felt a little down about all of this this morning. But whenever I feel a little down, this guy cheers me up: (But don’t just listen, watch him in action!)

Let me finish this post with a photo I took on a rainy day in Sydney:

Eating out in Sydney

Hope you have a shiny day!