The White Rabbit was Right!

Hi all! We left Brisbane a couple of days ago and we’re on our way down to Sydney, by car. At the moment we’re staying at a friend’s house in Tea Gardens and I love it here! Too bad we have to leave tomorrow. Till now we were pretty busy with packing and getting our stuff ready to move from one place to another. I noticed how much stuff we have! And then I realised  it’s only going to grow from now on…

Well, back to the wedding.


Previously on “My Alice in Wonderland Wedding”:

We were pretty late to our own wedding. As we got out of our “Love Mobile”, the white rabbit pointed at his big clock and accused us of being late!


Here’s why:

The hair dresser knocked on our B&B door at 7am sharp but I wasn’t ready yet. He was supposed to work on my hair for “only” two hours. We both were pretty perfectionists. I was nagging him on and on to do the upper braid in a different way, so he had to make it and remake it again a few times. He ended up working on my hair for 3 straight hours. But that’s not the only reason why we were LATE!

When we had the hair trial I was very happy with what the hairdresser had done with my hair, but then I saw that my fiancé’s cousin had something similar to that in her wedding, so I decided to change it a little. I had this genius idea, of doing a small braid inside a big braid, so without a second trial, only with words, I explained to him what I wanted.

And here’s the result:


I’m a genius! 🙂

hair3 hair2

My partner and I both got ready in the B&B, only in different places, so whenever he wanted to get into the room where I was getting ready in, this is how he looked like:

getting ready

I got this for my bachelorette party.


946565_549021318472309_1929640122_nThen, at 10am, my good friend, who is a professional make up artist, worked on my face. I wore a blue stone on my neck, inspired by Queens’ collars and specifically by Lady Diana’s sapphire collar.

So anyway, because I had a very blue piece of jewellery, we decided to go with a deep blue eye shadow, and not go with the typical peach eye shadow that brides usually wear.


I don’t know if you noticed, but if something had the word ”usually” next to it, it wasn’t at my wedding.

So after finally wearing the dress (with a little help from my friends) and jewellery, I was ready! (After 4 hours! Holy Chic!) But although it took me so long to get ready, I still had to wait for him!

We were SO LATE! After him finally seeing me in the white dress after months of hiding that information away from him, we got into our “Love Mobile”. But our friend (which her name is, surprisingly, ‘Alice’) was stuck in the middle of the road with a “Hybridnated“ Prius. We waited for her a while but there was nothing much to do, so we left Alice behind! We felt bad about it, but we didn’t know what we could do to help and we were already SO LATE! She’s Alice, she’ll figure out what to do, and if not, perhaps one of the stray cats can give her a piece of advice.

What else could go wrong?! My partner’s suit! When he turned around to look at what has happened to Alice, he tore his button! Ahhhhh! It felt like everything was going against us but we didn’t let it get us down.

So before our wedding, we went together with the photographers, Alice (who joined us- I told you she’ll manage!), Noah and one button short, to a beautiful small forest, to get a few photos done.

The only problem was how to get me with my beautiful, yet enormous dress into the woods, which were filled with thistles and thorns, in all shapes and forms. The only logical way to do so was with a crane.

But eventually we did it. We had very good photos at that enchanted place. And soon enough I had a few guests inside my dress. I could see them beneath the layers of tulle. I have no idea what made them go there in the first place, how they did it and why. Maybe they thought I was a white lilac tree.

This little bug-ger is outside my dress, but I swear a few of his fellas were underneath my tulle.

This little bug-ger is outside my dress, but I swear a few of his fellas were underneath my tulle.

bigdress loveheart

So that’s basically why we were LATE to our wedding and why the white rabbit was right.