Alice’s Cake

I really really really wanted to have an Alice in Wonderland themed cake on my wedding. Especially as I had my go on making novelty cakes for a while and I wasn’t so bad at all! If you ever want to take a look at the Yoda cake I’ve made for my hubby, let me know.

So it was either me making the cake, which was a bad idea from the first place, as I already did so many things myself and to top it all up with a huge and a very time consuming wedding cake… There was no way!

The second idea was just to order a cake like this. But we spent so much money on the wedding and had so many “Alice in Wonderland” stuff already so we thought it will be too much to have a cake as well. Besides, it’s not a tradition where I come from, so all is good.

But I really really really wanted an “Alice in Wonderland” cake on my wedding…

So here are some of my favourite cakes. Enjoy!


And I think this is my number 1: