The Characters

Since we’ve got back to OZ we got wonderful news- We’re moving to Sydney! Yay!
So I am and will be, busy packing and doing stuff.

But I haven’t forgotten about my blog. Yet…

So! Back to the wedding.

We were pretty late to our own wedding. (I’ll tell you why sometime in the future…) As we got out of our “Love Mobile” (The car had red love hearts and golden crowns as decorations), the white rabbit pointed at his big clock and accused us of being late! I was delighted. My hubby was shocked.

All these beautiful characters were a surprise from me to him. He never had a clue about my genius plan. We are this kind of couple that once in a while surprise each other. When he proposed, it was a scene from 007, right in the heart of Paris. So it was my turn now…


The characters were my little brother, Danny (the Mad Hatter) and his friends. Some of them sing in a choir and have acting skills, so they were all very talented. When I planned the wedding, I had visions in my head of everything I wanted it to be like. So it happened when I was thinking of Danny’s friends as playing the Alice in Wonderland characters. They all fitted perfectly to the roles they had!

The Red Queen invited people and little people to play the game of Croquet, with 2 flamingos, a hedgehog and playing cards. If the player scored, she would say: “How marvellous…! Off with his head!”

We had a little Alice and a big Alice, exactly like in the story. The little one was not a surprise for my former fiancé. He knew all about her, she is his cousin’s nephew. She was the one who helped me with my dress while I was walking down the aisle and she brought us our rings during the ceremony.


`little alice

We even had a tiny Alice. She was a surprise for me… 🙂

Now, most of the costumes and the props I bought online and sent them straight to my parents’ home. It was perfect, so my hubby couldn’t see them. Unless he checked our bank account, which I was certain he did and that he knew all along and wouldn’t tell me. I was hoping he would tell me once he knew. That would have been much easier for me, because sometimes keeping a secret is a pain in the… But he didn’t know anything about it!

As for the March Hare’s ears, I decided to make them by myself as I didn’t like what I’ve found online.

I made them from… a stuffed teddy bear! (It wasn’t my idea…)

I went to many different op-shops to look for that special teddy bear I could cut his arms off, but they were all very…lovely. They all looked like they had a really good history with a child that loved them forever and ever and I couldn’t imagine myself cutting their poor arms off!

But then I found this $5 little teddy in Kmart. And he was perfect for the job! They had heaps of him, he had no history yet. Perfect!

So here he is, ladies and gentlemen:


He still seems pretty happy, doesn’t he?

I even used his bum for the tail. I took everything from him! Everything but his dignity. and his head.

Now I’m planning on making one of those animal trophies from his head. So at least he can still hold his head up high!


More secrets from the wedding revealed on my next post. Don’t go away 🙂