Finally- The Ceremony!

It’s been ages since I’ve written in this blog. I feel like I really neglected it. But I do have some very good excuses. Really.

The reason I wasn’t able to write is because I was busy writing. I took a creative writing course at the University of Sydney and it was fantastic.
Wait, I have other excuses as well. We also finally found a flat, after 2 whole months searching for a decent one in Sydney, so slowly we moved. And unpacked. And bought more stuff to put our stuff in. And then we could unpack some more.

Excuse #3- I’m finally sending my children’s book to the publishers, so I’ve been working very hard to make it perfect! There, I think this should cover it…

So… I promised to write about our ceremony once I have the photos from the photographer.

And here I go.

O&Y 3.5 (1037)

The person who got us married was a friend of my husband, also known as the caterpillar. I ordered him this nice blue suit and attached a few “hands” to it. My friend and I made this enormous mushroom, which he sat on while smoking a pipe.

O&Y 3.5 (1044)

Hubby walked in (actually ‘ran’ in) as the King of Hearts with the theme song from ‘Superman’. We made him a nice red cape especially for the occasion.

O&Y 3.5 (1049)

O&Y 3.5 (1054)

I walked in with slightly a different song, “White Queen”, by Queen, my favourite band!  Although the song is sad, the DJ successfully edited it in a way that it was just shivering enough to make you want to cry, but in a good way. “The White Queen walks and the night grows pale…” were the words Freddie sang while I was walking the aisle.

O&Y 3.5 (1067)

Middle sized Alice carried my train all the way to the stage.

Words of oath

O&Y 3.5 (1075)

A few weeks after hubby and I met and after we started saying “I love you” to each other, my hubby decided that “I love you” of 3 weeks can’t be the same as “I love you” of 10 months. So instead he said “I really love you” and every day added another “really”, but after a while it became harder and harder to keep track of the number of “reallys” he had to say. He even thought of writing a code that can do it for him. That is one of the things he mentioned in his speech to me on our ceremony.

O&Y 3.5 (1081)

He promised me he will stand by me whenever I spontaneously commence an intense petting session on an innocent cat in the middle of the street. He wanted to say “…And if I really want to, I will pet it too”. But instead of “it” hubby said in the ceremony “you”.

O&Y 3.5 (1083)

He promised he will never let himself stand between me and my happiness because without my happiness, his happiness is meaningless.

He finished with: “That is the proof of that I love you. But really really really really really really really really really really really …… love you!” 🙂

O&Y 3.5 (1098)

I said: “You are a kind of guy that that can be found only in fairy tales, but here you are, real. Sometimes I find it hard to understand how two people who fit each other so well succeed to find one another. There probably was an invisible magical fairy dust that made that magic happen.

The first time we met we danced like crazy. The second time we talked non-stop. The third time, we travelled, laughed and couldn’t part. That is what I wish for us for the rest of our lives! Whether in Wonderland or in Oz, with cats or with little ‘puchks’.

Even without the crown you make me feel like a queen.” And then I quoted 3 songs of my favourite band that happened to have the same name: “Love of my life, you’re my best friend and I was born to love you!”

Then middle sized Alice gave us our rings.
Hubby told me: “With this ring I give you the kingdom of my heart”

I preferred to say it the way we did when we practised at home, which was: “With this ring I grant you the kingdom of my heart.”

And then this happened:

O&Y 3.5 (1172) O&Y 3.5 (1173) O&Y 3.5 (1174) O&Y 3.5 (1175) O&Y 3.5 (1176) O&Y 3.5 (1177)

My husband, together with a few members of his family shed a few tears during the ceremony, while I didn’t. Maybe that’s what happens when you are your own wedding planner… 🙂

I must admit though, it was the most exciting wedding ceremony I have ever had.