Start Wondering

Today is the 3rd of February 2013. In 3 months from now, the 3rd of May, I will be having a wonderful wedding, inspired by the wonderful book, “Alice in Wonderland” together with my wonderful wonderful fiancé.

“But why Alice?” You ask. I’ve always admired that book and that wonderful Wonderland. In fact, I think I fell in love with that story as an adult even more than I did as a child. I believe the surreal world that Lewis Caroll created is perfect for an unusual, dreamy wedding.  You’re not really sure whether Wonderland is real or not and whether Alice was dreaming or not. It kind of felt the same for me when I first met the love of my life. But he is real and what we have is real. So why not make that dreamy place, Wonderland, real too?

The first thing you think about when you think about a wedding is the dress. And with a theme like this in my wedding, I assume people expect me to wear something “Alicey”.

But as much as I love Alice, she is a child and in my wedding I want to be a QUEEN. The White Queen. And after a very long journey of searching and looking for the perfect dress, I finally found “her”. It was almost as difficult as finding “him”, I must say. “She” hasn’t arrived yet but “she” should be here any day now. Unfortunately I can’t show you a photo of “her” as I don’t want “him”, my King of Hearts, to see her. 🙂 You’ll just have to wait for the wedding photos.

I have so many ideas and plans for decoration and design, so many DIY’s… So much to do!

As a former graphic designer, it’s just something I must do by myself. Me, together with a friend of mine. It will be a lot of work, but it will be worth it. I will tell you everything about my ideas and how things are going. I will probably write about all the frustrations I will have in the process, although I really hope there won’t be too many…


The wedding will be taking place 14,000 km from here, in my very own Wonderland. Which means it will be harder to prepare too many things in advance and carry them with me, so I will only do that when I get there. Until then, I have a huge list of things to buy. But first, I need to find them.

Can’t wait to tell you all about my ideas!

So, let’s make some wonders!


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