From Wonderland to Thailand and back to Oz

Hello again!

We’re back from our honeymoon or as I like to call it, being a vegan, “Maple-Syrup Moon”!

When we got to Thailand I was all sore. Every inch and even every centimetre of my body was aching and I had a cold as well. So you can probably imagine how I longed for a warm bath the minute we get to our resort.

Although we got to the resort at night, we could notice it was very beautiful and we were curious to see it in day light. Gorgeous plants surrounded us everywhere we went.  I felt like we were in a beautiful tropical jungle. Our bungalow was the most beautiful I have ever seen, all made out of wood with amazing interior design.

It was paradise…


Coral Bay Resort in Koh Samui

IMG_1772 IMG_1620

…Only without a bathtub. I tried not to be disappointed with this, so I spent some time searching for a hot tub or a Jacuzzi. Luckily I found out that the spa in our resort had a Jacuzzi! So we went for a treat. The nice lady said it will be good for my cold to have an Herbal Steam and I agreed. So we took that option and it was excellent. I did feel better already, but the Herbal Steam was followed by a jet massage in the Jacuzzi. Which was…. cold!!! I just couldn’t get in it. Not with my cold and not ever! Who will want to get into a cold Jacuzzi?! Even my newly wedded hubby, who can bear cold water better than I do, forced himself to get in while he suffered in there like a brave soldier.

The steam helped my cold but now you want to get me sick all over again by letting me get into this freezing water after I’ve been to a very hot room?? I believe they used to torture people this way back in the days in Europe…


We knew Thailand had the best food so we ventured and looked for good restaurants. We even went to a few “recommended” ones that made us drive to the other side of the Island. But the food was always just “OK”. Not too amazing. But we knew it can be much better than that. One day we just decided to stay at the resort and have lunch over there, and suddenly- our taste buds thanked us for that forever! We learnt that you don’t have to look for something too far away when it’s just beneath your nose. The food in our resort was just fantastic! We learnt a big lesson for life… We still ventured one night to a new and modern hotel, just to change the scenery a little. The restaurant was all fancy and looked very nice. When we entered I told my newest wedded hubby: “We did it!”

The food was well designed, looked so beautiful! IMG_1765 IMG_1766

But the taste was… missing. We felt cheated. For the first time in our lives we felt we didn’t want to pay for the food, just run away from there, because they don’t deserve to be paid for this unworthy food…But then, we thought about the Thai prison and off the wallet came out of the purse :)~
It was like someone was trying to tell us something: “What the hell are you doing? Don’t you dare to leave your resort! You’re on a honey moon, for crying out loud! You’re not suppose to move an inch! Now go back to your resort and never leave!”

And they were right.

Disappointed from the food, we tried eating this cat:


But I found myself being eaten by it instead:


Don’t get me wrong, the honeymoon was wonderful! I wanted to do as less as we could and just rest, drink some shakes, read some books and have a good time. Well, we did that most of the time!

It’s been almost a week since we got back from our honeymoon and today I finally got my warm bath! Some things are just worth the wait.

Next on My Alice in Wonderland Wedding:

I’ll share more photos and let you know how I made our wonder wedding!


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