One week to go!!!!!

The pressure is on and is getting higher and higher. We only have 80 wedding favours out of the 100. I was in constant contact with the seller for 10 days now.  Finally he’s sending the rest today. I really hope it will be here on time! My veil is not here either, but I can always buy one at the last minute I guess…

Since I’m designing everything by myself, I’m missing that long carpet for the ceremony. Usually the wedding designers provide one. But I’m the designer. So I need to think how I solve that. Does anyone have an idea?

I received my first gift for the wedding! It was from my cousins in the States. It’s a beautiful necklace with an “Alice in Wonderland” design. I’ll show you photos when I have time to upload them…

I don’t sleep enough and I guess I don’t eat enough only because I don’t notice I need to eat. I think the best diet is getting married. You lose weight even if you’re not planning to! So girls, if you really want to shed a few kilos, find yourselves a husband! 🙂 But I guess after the wedding it’ll all come back…
I’ve got some pimples on my forehead as well but a few days before the wedding I’ll go to a beauty parlour and hopefully my skin will be perfect 🙂

Tomorrow is the Hen Party! We’re gonna watch the extremely funny movie “Bridesmaids” and after that we’re gonna rock at an 80’s party!

Last but not least, finally! He is arriving on Sunday! The man of my dreams! After spending 5 weeks apart so I can plan the wedding, 5 weeks that made us ask ourselves “Why are we doing this to ourselves?”, when it became harder and harder and sillier and sillier, we will finally be together and only death will do us part! I hereby pledge to never leave him for 5 weeks to plan our wedding. Never again! This is the last wedding I plan for us! I promise!

So yes, a few things don’t work out yet, but like in any other fairy tale, in the end everything will be alright! It must be!


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