The Storm before the Calm

‘Really, now you ask me,’ said Alice, very much confused, ‘I don’t think —’
‘Then you shouldn’t talk,’ said the Hatter.

The last week was a little hectic for me. I did everything I could in one week. I ordered so many things for the wedding, most of them online.

I find it much easier to purchase things online. Shopping in stores and looking for exactly what you need can be so time consuming. But online purchase can be that too sometimes. I found myself looking for a proper jacket/shrug/bolero for ages but still didn’t find one yet.

So what did I find?

A tiara! Well, I AM going to be the White Queen. You can’t have a queen without a tiara or a crown. It took me ages to look at all the tiaras ever made and decide on the one I want.

A veil!

Lots of decorations!

Stuff for my DIY!

And “Kingy” things for my king as well. Although we find it very hard finding him a crown! So far he’s a King without a Crown. Please let me know if you know where I can find a nice crown that looks pretty realistic.

Looked for photographers, hair dressers, etc.

I also started designing the invitations- We decided to go “eco friendly” and to have a website instead of paper invitations. It looks pretty good so far 🙂

I felt like the White rabbit, trying to chase time while time just does what it always does. I always prefer being more like Alice than the White Rabbit. She takes her time to explore the Wondreful land she just landed upon while he is always in a hurry, like most of us.

But why did I squeeze all my shopping and searches in only one week? That’s because in two days from now I’m going on a 10 day vipassana retreat. Ten days of silence; no TV, no phones, not even music! Just endless hours of meditation. That’s ten days without Wedding planning as well.

I’ve been curious for years about it and really wanted to do it but never had the courage before. I’m not sure I have it now, though, but I feel it’s better to do it now than never! I think one of my biggest challenges will be not being able to communicate with my fiancé for ten days. Not even knowing what’s going on with him… And I’ve heard that the first few days are the hardest but after that it should be amazing!

So wish me luck! And I’ll tell you all about my experience when I come back. One thing’s for sure, I will sure do a lot of thinking over there! %100 Thinking %0 Talking. Let’s see how I go!

My dress should be here while I’m sitting on my butt for hours a day. So I hope once I get it, I’ll alter in and everything will be perfect! Hopefully, my butt will stay the same after all this sitting!

In the meanwhile, yesterday we had a spontaneous costume party. As I’m so into Alice in Wonderland these days, it had to do something with that story. Here are the results:

We had two candles that melted in the sun. I thought it might add to the surreal fill of Alice in Wonderland

The only thing I bought for both of our costumes was this hat. Everything else we already had at home, so we were very creative and in just a few minutes we made this wonderful Hatter

I’m not very good at wearing my hair up, not to mention doing it by myself! So I imagined I knew what I was doing and tried to just stick the pins into my hair. I didn’t stop until my hair was up!

I was very happy I made myself look like a queen! Now my next mission is to look like a queen at my wedding! 🙂


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