A Very Vintage Wedding Fair

Yesterday we went to a Very Vintage Wedding Fair here in Brisbane. It was our first wedding fair, so to be fair, it was a bit exciting for me.

We wanted to get some ideas and to be inspired for our own wedding. Grooms got in for free, so what more can you ask for?

There were very beautiful presentations over there.



Smell Me!

I know what I said about flowers, but this is just fantastic. And my groom chose it as his most favourite presentation as well.

And look at this beautiful stand of vintage crockery. Wouldn’t it be perfect for an Alice in Wonderland Wedding?


Vintage Me!


Look what I found:


One of the stands belonged to a lady who makes hats, fascinators and other hair accessories. Most of them were made of feathers; some had literally birds on them and even eggs!

She explained to me that she makes them her own and she can make me a custom-made one. But when she asked when my wedding was and I answered: “The 3rd of May”, She replied: “This year??!?!?” And as she turned her head to the other side, I knew she was thinking: “Why did I just waste my time on that abnormal lady??”

Well, I know there isn’t plenty of time for my wedding. But I’m a “last minuter” and I work better when I don’t have much time left and I know the wedding will be fantastic anyway!

But if we forget about her for a minute, or even for more than that, this wedding fair really inspired my fiancé and he suddenly had all these wonderful ideas, one of them was putting tea herbs on the table as decoration.

Up until now I was the one with the ideas. Alice in Wonderland gives me so much inspiration, the ideas just pop up into my head without thinking too much. I mean, I know exactly what I want.

I’m really glad we went to this fair, so now my fiancé got into it as well 🙂

After the fair, we had a visit at T2 and I felt I was in teacup heaven!


Don’t they just scream ‘Take Me?”

I even captured little Alice in a teacup.

He probably had something to drink

He probably had something to drink


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