Paint the White Roses Red


Valentine’s Day is almost here and what a perfect reason to talk about red roses!

The Queen of Hearts simply adores red and when the gardeners find out they made a mistake and planted white roses instead of red ones, they immediately start painting the roses red. You would do the same, if you like your head…

My Dark Secret, darker than the darkest red

I have a dark secret to tell you. I actually don’t like flowers. I mean, I love flowers in nature, in bushes, trees, plants, but whenever I receive a bouquet of flowers, it makes me sad to see them die. So I prefer not having them at all.

I’m more of a person that likes to keep things. I love it when something can stay with me forever. Maybe now you can understand why receiving something that will be dead in a few days is not my thing.

So my very intelligent-original-one of a kind fiancé (My King of Hearts) gave me this beautiful button-bouquet for one of my birthdays and I just love it:

And I can cherish it forever and ever…

So back to our wedding- that’s the reason why I won’t be having flowers in my wedding. I know, I’m a very radical person with crazy ideas… Some might say I’m the Marcel Duchamp of Weddings. It’s just that using so many flowers for only one day, only to have them die and get thrown away after being pretty at my wedding , is not something I really want or need.

Besides, if you ask me what’s the first thing I think about when I think of the word “Design”, flowers will not be it.

So after revealing my darkest secret, let me just add that I will still have a few flowers on my wedding. The only flowers I will have will be white roses painted red. And they won’t be real flowers, so I can have them forever and ever…

Going on ebay I found these super cute foam roses.

Check out the red ones. Don’t they just look like something from a Disney movie? 🙂

Oh, and my bouquet will be a huge rose made out of paper. (To be continued…)

So here are a few inspiring photos I found. They can also be a great idea for Valentine’s Day.

Look at this gorgeous Red Queen Hat:

I’m sure even the Hatter would be very impressed.

Here you can find step by step instructions on how to make this beautiful wreath:

You can even get yourself a ring inspired by the Red Queen’s Roses:

Last, but not least. Look at this beautiful handmade rose.

I’m afraid I’m not sure I will have enough time to make a bunch of these for the wedding.

There is oh so much to do! And I don’t want to be late (The king is not someone you want to be late to…)!

Now go paint your day Red!


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